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The Site is an exclusive site of the company " Imobraga " and in turn ImoBraga is the trademark created in 2013 that became the representative trademark of the company Mudar Sociedade de Mediação Imobiliária Lda, a company created in 2002 and which In its first 10 years of existence, it represented internationally renowned real estate mediation brands with which it acquired vast experience and mediation techniques.

In 2013, the company Mudar decided to create its own brand, launching in June 2013 the brand ImoBraga Imobiliária, a brand registered at the national institute of trademarks and patents, and since then it has ceased to be part of an international network that did not add value or advantages to our customers. to invest heavily in the new brand, channeling since then all the investment that was directed only to the use of a name, starting to use that same investment to promote the new brand, making it known to all Bracarenses through various marketing means and also offering better services to seller customers and essentially better prices to our buyer customers. Having already increased with this strategy its number of customers.

Imobraga is a real estate company that operates mainly in the market in the district of Braga and is essentially dedicated to the real estate market, but also buys and sells properties, administers and manages leases and is also a credit intermediary registered with the Portugal's bank.

Imobraga is currently one of the real estate agencies in Braga with the largest offer of products for our customers.  properties for sale in Braga , currently with a wide range of properties on the official website  imobragaen .

We can say that imobraga is not a real estate agency like the others, because with the purchase and sale service all customers have the option to sell immediately, in this way they can immediately move on to the new home and also pass on all responsibility to us. of the property and the risk of a possible devaluation that also becomes ours.

With a standard of seriousness in the provision of real estate services, it seeks to do good business efficiently, thus providing tranquility to its customers.

Originally created to sell apartments, townhouses and others, over the years Imobraga has expanded its operations to other market segments, currently offering other services.

Our team of collaborators is formed by experienced professionals, with vast knowledge to suggest the best alternatives. In addition, we have a fully computerized system, which allows for greater agility in research and adaptation of the property profile to customer requests.

Supported by professionalism and seriousness, ImoBraga Imobiliária is among one of the largest real estate companies in Braga.

If you are looking for apartments for sale in Braga, or houses, land, shops, buildings or leases, contact Imobraga Imobiliária and you will have a professional at your disposal to present you with the best proposals in the city.

All properties available through ImoBraga Imobiliária can be visited in person or at any time on any of the exclusive websites  ImoBraga.en  or  housesembraga.en .

To buy and sell a house in Braga, do not hesitate to contact ImoBraga Imobiliária.

Imobraga Imobiliária located at Avenida 31 de Janeiro Nº 13 Braga

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